"" Luis Nieves's Blog: June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GT40 Driver lighting and shading tests

A little bit of shading improvement in this guy posted here and there in the past.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Someone with a driver license?

All right, so what could it be a bad ass car like the GT40, without a bad as driver of the same quality? I took the chance... Check out this awesome race driver that gave me a Zbrush central top row  =)

zbrush central.com Top row

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Zero Fighter

If you thought I was done with mechanic studies making the GT40 engine, think twice. Here is the WIP of this kick ass plane from WWII. Lots of fun for a modeler =)

American Icon

If you know me I'm sure you have seen this one. It is my biggest achievement so far, Everybody seem to like this car and this model. I got several publications with it and I won the Academy of Art University Spring show, on the Hard surface modeling category. It is in the Autodesk Maya 2012 installer as well. Everything you want to know about it is here:



Autodesk maya 2012 installer slideshow!

American Vintage

This is one of the most successful, sexy machines ever created! You are in my blog you have to agree, period! Shelby Cobra 427 1964.

The Bug Crew

This is one of my beloved life projects... I got these idea before A bug life from Pixar. Of course after the movie I didn't want anything to do with bugs. I redesigned all the characters in 2005 and found some inspiration at the Academy of art in 2010 to do a remake. I got involved in a collaborative project with a bunch of really talented students. We came out with these shots after a 5 months of work. I think that is somehow remarkable.
Danny Moos, Amrinder jassar (Animation)
Derick Hui, Ketki Gokhale (Rigging)
Luis Nieves (Modeling)

Nitis Ikkyu Wiroonpetch (Storyboard and animatic)

These are my original 2005 Drawings, I hope this is not the last time we get to know about The Bug Crew =)